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Welcome to Corporate Services - a premier provider of bespoke translation services to corporate clients, law firms and financial institutions.

We are not a high-street agency or localisation company. We don’t turn advertising campaigns into multi-format hits across all territories. But we do render company reports and investor relations documents in perfect, native-level English. We can handle all your transaction-related linguistic needs, from due diligence reviews to tombstone announcements.

We are not lawyers, legal counsel, bankers or investment advisers. We are not IT or technical people. We don’t implement multimedia or social networking campaigns in different languages.

But we do employ experienced professionals, native English and Polish translators skilled in accounting, financial and legal texts.

Whatever your translation needs, at Corporate Services we remain, at all times, a silent and secure partner in the business-critical environment.

The Company

Corporate Services was founded in 1999 as a provider of translation and interpretation services to a large pool of international and domestic corporate clients that had already established long and fruitful working relationships with the company’s founder and CEO, Jerzy Katolik.

Nearly twenty years and several expansions later, many of the Company’s original linguists remain at the core of the current team, an uncommon legacy of continuity over the years. It is best reflected in the diligence and consistency of our work, as well as the decade-plus of solid ties we have built with all our clients.

Since the very beginning, the Company ethos has been one of responsibility – for our work, our clients’ good name, and for each other. We understand that today’s press releases are tomorrow’s headlines, and that discretion and confidentiality are essential in a business-critical environment. This is why we are trusted by some of the largest public and private sector companies including several WIG30 members and over a dozen other listed companies, key players in the oil&gas, power generation and insurance sectors, financial institutions, as well as accounting, auditing and legal firms.

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We are more than an agency. We are a team.

Much of our work consists of translating annual, marketing, CSR and financial reports between English and Polish. We also work with investment firms and brokerage houses to bring IPOs, share floats and bond issues to appropriate markets. Legal contracts, minutes of board meetings and financial audits are of course also staple parts of our work. And, at all times of day, you can find us translating time-sensitive press releases, marketing materials and other articles for publication on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines.

In our work, we adhere to proven terminology. When translating financial and accounting documents, we abide by the approved IFRS and IAS terminology. In matters dealing with European Union trade and financing, the IATE database is another source of established terminology from which we draw. All of these help us to maintain our reputation for accuracy and universal consistency when it comes to discussion of cross-border economics and business activity.

When the veracity of your translated documents must be legally proven, we have sworn translators on staff who will first work on your text, and then provide the necessary court-approved legal seals, all in strict accordance with the Polish regulations.

Interpretation can occur in one of two ways – either simultaneously, with the interpreter providing a spoken translation as the original is delivered by the first party, or consecutively, with the interpreter following the speaker every so often. Consecutive interpretation lends itself very well to board meetings, press conferences and small groups, while simultaneous interpretation is better suited to lectures, conferences, forums and other large-scale events.

Sometimes, all you want is a second opinion on an existing translation, or for improvements to be made to a text that you know is not up to par, or for an extra seal of approval on a vital communication. Here again, we employ natives of both languages to check your text from the first character to the last, to provide you with the most accurate possible assessment of the language in your document.

Experience has shown us, however, that the need for a separate check on a document is rarely the sign of healthy text. Whenever possible, the best approach is to start from the ground up, with translation and proofreading accomplished together by the same team. There is also some confusion about the difference between proofreading and editing which can lead to false impressions about cost and quality.

Essentially, proofreading is the checking of a translation for basic elements such as spelling and grammar, as well as ensuring there are no blatant omissions, errors or inconsistencies between it and the source text. Editing often involves re-writes and can occur when there are major problems with internal logic, consistency and structure that absolutely must be resolved before publication or release.
In either situation, we will advise and consult on the best course of action for your text, whatever its requirements or condition.

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The team

We are more than an agency. We are a team.

Corporate Services has a reputation for quality that extends far beyond its offices in the Central European heartland. Linguists throughout the country know that only the best make it onto the team, and while age and experience are no real barrier to entry, skill and a feeling for language are. We discern these through a series of interviews and tests. In this way, we maintain a team of strictly professional, passionate linguists.

Whilst quality translations are not achievable by computers and software alone, the latter do make excellent tools in the right hands. All our linguists, whether they’re in-house or out in the field, are connected by powerful cloud-based translating software that allows for real-time collaboration on documents of all kinds. Backed up by other highly specialised resources, including the latest industry reports and equity research, our team is never short of answers. At Corporate Services, we put the same intensity of effort into translating your words that you put in to writing them.

Jerzy Katolik


Jerzy Katolik: tłumacz i redaktor tekstów, założyciel i współwłaściciel firmy. 30 lat doświadczenia w branży tłumaczeniowej, z rynkiem kapitałowym związany od niemal 25 lat.

Justyna Sofińska


Opiekuję się bazami danych i pamięciami tłumaczeniowymi, przeprowadzam ich aktualizację i dbam o ustalenie spójnej terminologii. Praca tłumacza jest mi dobrze znana, bo sama jestem praktykiem, co pomaga mi w pracy z zespołem i w zapewnieniu jak najwyższego standardu tłumaczeń.

Katarzyna Surma

Lead translator

Jestem tłumaczem i weryfikatorem z długoletnim stażem. To w moje ręce trafiają często najtrudniejsze i najbardziej wymagające teksty. Oprócz przekładu specjalizuję się także w dokonywaniu weryfikacji i redakcji tłumaczonych tekstów.

Marta Słowiak

Project coordinator

Jako asystent zespołu zajmuję się koordynacją pracy i przydzielaniem zadań. Nadzoruję proces tłumaczenia od momentu przyjęcia pracy po przesłanie do klienta gotowych tekstów po edycji. To ze mną można kontaktować się we wszelkich sprawach związanych ze zleceniami.

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Join us

Apply to become part of the Corporate Services Team.

The minimum technical requirements for your consideration are that you hold a university degree (which need not be in linguistics – we also have trained economists and accountants on our team), and at least some experience in a position using English on a daily basis.

Beyond that, there are other, equally important requirements for new employees. Primarily, we look for people who have a confident style and who can distil the wordy nature of Polish into typically concise English. Equally necessary is being able to extrapolate good, intelligent Polish from sometimes quite dry English. Many of our clients are not unfamiliar with English themselves, and are at least experienced enough to know when something is clunking instead of shining.

A quality translation that sits properly in-register and conveys the truth of the source language in the voice of the target language requires not only good translating, but also careful editing. Therefore, all our translators are also expected to be their own best editors. Despite the fact that all your work is ultimately double-checked, self-editing is still a vital and obligatory part of the translating process here. It is also included in the price we pay you for all your work, so be prepared to research, revise and refine. Finally, you need to be able to do all of this to sometimes perilous deadlines, whilst also accommodating on-the-fly updates and changes born of the collaborative nature of our work. It can be challenging, but hugely rewarding too.

Our premises in Kraków are clean, comfortable and appointed in a modern style. We do also have full-time employees who work from home, but ideally you’ll be able to come in and be part of the team on a daily basis. You will have your own desk and work station, with a wide-screen LCD monitor to eliminate strain on the eyes, as well as comfortable, adjustable chairs to protect your posture.

We work on a LAN which allows all team members common access to all digital resources, in a dedicated cloud-based CAT tool, which allows for simultaneous collaboration on documents and greatly improves our work flow. We also maintain a really nice library of dictionaries, glossaries and industry papers, so even if Google fails you, you’ll likely find the answer on a nearby shelf.

Finally, it should be said that despite the sometimes mountainous volumes of work, toe-curling deadlines and nuclear submarine-like levels of intensity that can occur in a crunch period, we are still a team of human beings – fellow linguists of all ages and experiences, and we are all here to help each other to not only produce the best translations possible, but also to make sure we leave work each day feeling happy and satisfied.

Join us, become part of the CS team, and experience translating on a higher level!

We are always looking for right people with the right skills. If you are interested in joining our team, write us at Make sure to include a copy of your résumé as well as your full contact details, and a brief bit about yourself and your experience. If you look suitable to us, we will contact you to arrange a test translation/editing, and an interview. Finally, if your test piece is good enough and you pass the interview process, we will look forward to welcoming you to the Corporate Services team!